Keelung Harbour

Jishan streest's scenery of mountain and seacoast exposition

Jiu-fen is located in Rui-fang Dist. of New Taipei City, Kee-lung, Taiwan.
It is an ancient place, in 1893, people discovered the gold ore there so that it became to be a very important place, people moved to there and got jobs from the mining company. Nowadays, it keeps load of ancient buildings and the culture. Seems like a different world from the cities.

Traditional style buildings

There are usually many Japanese visitors here, almost all the shops' onwers can speak Japanese and take Japanese Yen.
This is a handbag, not clothes though :P


This is a house show.
The furniture shows that it was turning into the western style then.


Looks holy place, there was a Japanese temple here.


This scenery somehow looked a bit exotic to me :P


The railway passed under the mountain through this tunnel, now we can walk in.


Standing on this machine, it will show the golden brick which has the same weight as that person.


Purrrrr :D


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